In 1844, fairytale superstar Hans Christian Andersen published The Snow Queen

In 1950, there was the White Witch in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

In 1994, there was the Snow Princess in Sailor Moon S: The Movie.

In 2013, a certain record-breaking CGI movie introduced
us to a contemporary Snow Queen with power, sass and a stunningly iconic outfit.

We were inspired.

we simply couldn’t pass by the magic, fierceness and splendour that such a character embodied.

We started with a concept:

We made a prototype
(not actual colour or fabric)

Disclaimer: these images are not accurate representations of the final retail product, as the design has continued to evolve.

Finally building a design that is fun to use (you will see why) and has the magic we want.

Magic is equal, you all have it and we respect it.

This is why we created our Snow models.
Our mission is to represent everyone one day, so you never feel
left out.

Live the dream.