Why Outlander’s Sex Scenes are Special?

Have you ever read the book Outlander? If so, then you know what we’re talking about. Author Diana Gabaldon is up to something special with the characters. Sure, Gabaldon talks a lot about sex in the show. She also gives the main characters ample opportunities for sex in the book, but the author takes things one step further.  And to develop the plot and characters, Gabaldon’s book series has thousands of pages. There is also plenty of room for intimate scenes. Any romance fan knows about the power of imagination. When you read the book, it’s up to you to visualize each scene. When you watch the series, you get to compare your imagination vs. what comes to life on screen.

The series begins in the 1940s.  Frank came to counsel Claire’s uncle, Quentin Beauchamp, about a point of French philosophy related to Egyptian religious practice. He encountered Claire Beauchamp for the first time. They eventually married and spent a brief two-day honeymoon in the Scottish Highlands, followed by a year together before World War II broke out. Claire accidentally travels back in time to 18th century Scotland through the stones at Craigh na Dun. There she meets Jamie Fraser and becomes embroiled in the Jacobite risings.

Season 1, Episode 7 remains to be one of the best moments in the history of Outlander. It was brimming with emotion, drama, and romance as the central couple’s relationship was brought to life with passion and chemistry. Claire and Jamie were destined to meet.

In Episode 7 ”The Wedding” Jamie and Claire consummated their marriage for the first time. Fans were ecstatic to see how they embraced each other as husband and wife. And why is this scene so special? The romance from the very beginning was amazing!

Here is the exact excerpt from the book about that night.

“I felt the softness of his lips against my temple, the butterfly touch of his tongue on my skin. ‘And salt,’ he said, very softly, his breath warm on my face. ‘There is salt on your face, and your lashes are wet. D’ye weep, Sassenach?’ ‘No,’ I said, though I had a sudden, irrational urge to do just that. ‘No, I sweat. I was… hot.’” He was on his knees now, one arm about my waist to hold me still, his nose buried in the hollow between my breasts. ‘Oh,’ he said, and his voice had changed again… ‘Ye wanted me,’ he said ruefully. ‘And I fell asleep without even touching you. I’m sorry Sassenach. Ye should have said.’ ‘You were tired.’ His hand left my mouth; I stroked his hair, smoothing the long dark strands behind his ear. He laughed, and I felt the warmth of his breath on my bare stomach. ‘Ye could raise me from the dead for that, Sassenach, and I wouldn’t mind it.’ He stood up then, facing me, and even in the dim light I could see that no such desperate measures on my part would be required.” Whew, it’s starting to get hot in here!

After their first night together, Jamie’s gaze lingered on Claire for a few seconds. It captured the first moment of connection that only lovers can experience before they continue with their lives.

From there, sex played a huge part between Jamie and Claire’s relationship. Fans were treated to plenty of steamy moments after their wedding night.

In Episode 8, Jamie and Claire walk through the Scottish Highlands on the lush green grass. They made love in the outdoors with their clothes still on.  Well, that is so adventurous!

One of the most memorable sexy moments the couple shared was when Claire holds a dagger to Jamie’s throat after a little fight. Claire mounts Jamie Fraser and said: “If you ever raise a hand to me again, James Fraser, I will cut your heart out and have it for breakfast.” Eventually, all is forgiven, and they have make-up sex.

And do not forget the Devil’s Marks when Claire is ready to tell Jamie that she’s a time traveler from the 1940s, after nearly being burned at the stake for witchcraft suspicions. Although he accepts the news with grace, he decides to allow her to return home via the stones at Craigh na Dun. By the flames, the two say their final farewells and made love for one last time.

“I want to watch you,” Jamie told Claire as he brings her to climax solely with his expert hands.

In Season 3, Episode 6, Claire and Jaime reunited after being separated for 20 years. They undressed each other slowly. There were few awkward moments, but they eventually found their way back. The scene was just as fervent and hot as the couplings from their early years and definitely worth the wait.

Jamie and Claire’s love for each other is so unbelievably amazing. They would do anything for each other. Although obstacles arise and it seems like they will never live life together, Jamie always finds a way to be with her. They overcome their problems and manages to be together despite the hardships. Jamie commits himself to Claire and tells her that she is his forever. He says that nothing can keep him from her side except death itself. There is no denying that romance is the most powerful aspect of the show. It creates that emotional connection and stirs our hearts.


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Unsurprisingly, these scenes deepen our appreciation of Jamie and Claire, both as individuals and as a couple in Outlander. Claire’s independence and self-assurance are on display. An eager pleaser, Jamie is more like an understudy when it comes to anything sex-related. They prove how far they are willing to go for each other with different techniques, positions, and styles. Although they encounter so many trials and tribulations throughout their lives, their connection remains strong.

The devotion for each other is clear and real. The actors are so great in their roles. What you see on screen is almost as good as the real thing. But Outlander goes beyond sex. The show deals with love, loss, heartbreak, excitement, and adventure. This is not just a silly romance but a glamorous tale of adventure that has captured the hearts of millions of fans around the world!  It’s about how special and unique their love story is and how they overcame everything to end up where they are at this time. James Fraser and Claire Randall are a couple that has made history together.

As to the Authors comment, Diana Gabaldon explained the importance of sex scenes in her Outlander book.

 “Sex is essential to emotionally satisfying relationships.”

She continues, “A strong sexual relationship is at the core of every healthy relationship, and characters who have no emotional outlet at all are implausible.”

Diana Gabaldon did a great job in writing the Outlander Series. Jamie and Claire’s relationship are the kind of love we can only wish to have. Theirs is the love that truly stands the test of time. There is no way to forget this epic love story and the passion behind it. As she said, “I think whenever we see people who fall in love, they always remind us of what’s possible when we’re at our best.

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