What Does It Mean To Be A Nerd?

There are many types of people who identify as nerds.  However, all have one thing in common – they love doing something that others find “nerdy”. For example, someone might study astronomy or write sci-fi novels. Another might answer trivia questions late into the night, while another might play video games from morning until dawn. Nerds are usually intelligent, driven, and passionate about what they love. That makes them interesting, but sometimes misunderstood.

The people I mentioned are highly respected and loved in the nerd community. They all possess something that makes them stand out from others – their passion for intellectual pursuits. Unfortunately, though, they are also seen as weird by some people who think their hobbies are strange, but that does not make them any less of a person.

The main reason why many people identify themselves as nerds is that they have a passion for something they truly enjoy. Being a nerd is often an effective way to express just how ardent they are about what they love. Going back to the example, one person writes novels about sci-fi because he loves reading sci-fi books so much. Another likes to play video games all day because he enjoys doing so. Being a nerd is simply being passionate about something and not caring what others think about it.

I have seen more and more people identifying themselves as nerds these days, which is great because it means that nerdiness is now something cool again – something to be proud of instead of being social-stigma like it used to be. I love seeing how nerdiness is becoming sexy, but you cannot forget about the true nerds out there.

A true nerd is someone who discovers his/her passion and dedicates plenty of time to learn more about that.

The more time someone spends doing something they like, the nerdier they will become. It is all about being passionate and driven about something, instead of hiding it to try to please others and fit in with them. That is what makes real nerds different from fake ones who are just riding the “nerd trend” to become popular.  Nerds have always been highly respected in some circles, especially scientific circles, thanks to their thirst for knowledge and drive to understand things better than anyone else. Nerds have always been a part of society, but now there are more nerd types than ever before.

The word “nerd” dates back to the 1940s and originally referred to an awkward or unattractive adolescent. It was being used negatively but has since been reappropriated by members of various subcultures. The Urban dictionary now describes a Nerd as someone you can call a Boss like Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs. Both are famous programmers and not any less than CEOs. Nerds are also the ones who do not follow any trend but are very knowledgeable about various topics.

Nerdiness is also used to describe an excessive commitment to an activity (a subject of intense interest), or devotion to someone or something that some would perceive as “weird” (like knowledge of obscure fields of study). It means an obsession with something as a means of self-expression and acts accordingly. The obsession might be in the form of activity, professional or artistic expression, ecological activism, fashion style taste, food preference, etc. while delivering unique results by intelligence or originality. It means self-identification with such fascination that others see it as weird and must be excluded from official circles.

The words nerd, geek, and Otaku are often used interchangeably. The geeks often refer to people who “engage in or discuss computer-related tasks obsessively or with great attention to technical detail.” The Oxford dictionary describes Otakus as “a young person who is obsessed with computers or particular aspects of popular culture to the detriment of their social skills.” Now, we have a minor problem with those last five words.

 It’s true that some nerds are highly intelligent and might even be a bit shy or quiet, but that does not mean that they cannot be outgoing and fun once they take the time to open up to other people. 

Thanks to the Internet, it is now easier for nerds to share their passions with others and meet other people who share similar interests. The Internet also paved the way for some true geeks to be famous. Some are known for sharing their knowledge in various niches, while others enjoy sharing funny videos on YouTube and other similar sites.

If you are a nerd, you are more likely to be around people who share similar interests and passions. After all, nothing is better than sharing time with people who understand how you feel. You are also more likely to go to conventions, since you have a lot in common with people who go into these conferences.

Being a nerd is exciting because you can hang out with other nerds that have the same interests. You can talk about your passions and share ideas.  However, let’s face it, there are also some challenges when it comes to socializing with other nerds who have similar interests.  If you become too much of a nerd in one area and do not know something else that others consider more prevalent, then you might end up being thought of as just “another nerd.” Being an outcast is not always that exciting. Don’t worry.  If you are self-confident and positive in your interests, you will be able to overcome this social issue within the inner nerd circle.

Nerdiness is a hot topic right now, thanks to the people identifying themselves as nerds and all of the new types of nerdy people who have come out recently. The importance of nerdiness is still on point for many people because it’s unique but at the same time it is becoming more popular, which means that people see it as a positive thing.

The future belongs to the nerds, and if you are one, then congratulations! In my opinion, being a nerd is to be interested in some specific subjects. I think that if you like some topics that not many people pay attention to, and you master these subjects and share them with other people on the Internet or in real life, then you are going to live a life with a greater sense of purpose. You will not be afraid to look at the future. Don’t be scared to embrace the inner nerd you have been trying to suppress. Gone are the days when we used to feel sorry for knowing and loving something too much. So, are you ready to become the biggest nerd you can be?

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