The Unknown Tale Behind Princess Peach’s First Capture

History repeats itself, and Princess Peach knows that more than anyone else. The Princess keeps getting captured by Bowser for decades now. But why does it keep on happening? The answer may not be in history books. No one witnessed what happened the first time the monstrous king took her.

But the stars shine bright on you my friend, for you are about to know it all. This is the story of the first time Bowser captured the infamous Princess Peach.

Once there was a princess, so sweet and fair. Her name is Princess Peach, but others call her Princess Toadstool. She lived in the Kingdom of Mushrooms and ruled over the Toads.

The Toads are lovely humanoid creatures with mushroom-like heads. They lived in peace and harmony and loved their Princess just as much. However, they are unaware of the evil forces that lurk around, threatening to take away the one they so loved.

Princess Peach is a stunning sight to behold. She has long, golden blonde hair that cascades beautifully behind her back. She dons a pink dress paired with a darker shade of shoes. Her hands are wrapped in white gloves, often made of silk or the finest cloth. She wears a golden crown adorned by blue and red gemstones.

Alas, Princess Peach is beautiful, powerful, but a little naive. She’s had a foreboding sense in the past days, but she chooses to ignore it, for she’s never met evil in her life, not yet. The palace she lived in is bright, with colorful tapestries. There is no hint of darkness, so she couldn’t quite put a name to that persistent dread she feels, no matter how hard she tries.

“Princess Peach…”

The Princess snapped out of her thoughts upon hearing her name. It’s one of the Toads.

“Your friends Mario and Luigi are here,” he continued.

Princess Peach cheered up and tried to paint a smile on her face. Her friends are here! She is so glad to see them.

“How wonderful! Tell them we’ll have afternoon tea!”

She walked gracefully to greet her guests. The brothers are looking particularly jolly today.

“Good afternoon, Mario and Luigi! I am delighted to see you today, come have tea with me, please.” She said in her naturally sweet voice.


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“Thank you very much, Princess. We are very happy to see you too.” Mario said while tipping his hat.

For a second, the Princess thought she saw a different look in Mario’s eye. There’s something different in the way he stares, but she quickly dismisses the idea.

“It’s great to have tea with you on such a fine day,” Luigi said as they sat down.

“Indeed, it is a lovely day! I had so much fun exploring the gardens today,” Princess Peach answered as she gently lifts her cup of tea.

They spent the rest of the afternoon talking about anything. They drank more tea and shared more stories. Princess Peach always loved spending time with them. She knows she can always count on these brothers if anything happens to her. It’s such a relief to have them around, but when they went home, and as they said their goodbyes, the foreboding feeling returned.

Just like each night, the Princess went to bed with the same heavy feeling. She pulled the covers to ease the inexplicable cold.

“I know something is wrong. I know something is not right, but the sun tomorrow shall shine bright, and I will be alright.” she muttered as she closed her eyes.

Not long before she fell asleep, she had a terrible dream. She saw Mario and Luigi trying to fight monsters in an obscure maze. She looked down and saw that her hands are tied. She tried to scream, only to realize that a piece of cloth covers her mouth. She started to panic. She’s having a hard time breathing and struggled to get some air, but nothing seems to get into her lungs. She took one deep breath until she suddenly wakes up!

“It was just a dream,” she told herself while gasping for air. Suddenly a large shadow appeared right in front of her. Her heart was pounding.

When the creature stepped into the dim light, she knows she was in trouble. So with all her strength left, she screamed, “HELP!” Then everything went dark again.

Mario and Luigi quickly went back to the palace after hearing what happened. They went into the Princess’s room to investigate and found the letter from the evil king.

“Please, rescue our Princess!” The Toads begged them.

The plumber brothers know they have to act quickly.

Meanwhile, the Princess woke up in a different castle, surrounded by lava and fireballs. The place is so different from the charming palace she grew up. The dark brick walls seem to suffocate her. Everything looks so menacing. She looked around in despair, trying to find a way out.

Suddenly, the door creaked open, and she heard loud footsteps. A huge beast entered. His hair was red as fire, with two protruding horns around his head. Princess Peach cowered in fear. This is the same creature that entered her room last night.

“Who are you?” she demanded to ask.

“I am Bowser, King of the Koopas, and I am here to take over the Mushroom Kingdom,”

His voice is even scarier than he looks, but she must control her fear. This nefarious beast wants to take her kingdom, and the thought of these monsters ruling over the Toads makes her blood run cold.

“You will not succeed! My friends will be here to rescue me and our Kingdom!” The princess said, amazed at how dignified she sounded.

The beast just laughed.

“Your friends can try to do everything they want, but nothing will stop me. While you, Princess, you will be my prisoner forever!”

The Princess can’t help but just watch him get out of the door.

Meanwhile, Mario and Luigi managed to infiltrate Bowser’s castle through the tunnels underneath. But it wasn’t an easy task for Bowser has riddled the place with traps.

But the brothers are determined to rescue the Princess, and sooner than expected, they managed to get inside the halls of Bowser’s castle.

At this moment, Bowser was in his room, trying to focus on formulating a plan to get the Mushroom Kingdom. However, he can’t get the image of the Princess out of his head.

He has heard about the tales of her beauty, but he was not prepared to see her up close. She was so gentle, so unlike his rough attitude. While the land trembles at his voice, the flowers bloom at her sound. She was a real treasure, far more valuable than the kingdom itself. He knows he must not let go of her.

“Your viciousness! The Princess’ friends are here to rescue her!”

Bowser was enraged. “Secure the Princess in the fortress, make sure to put more traps outside her door. Let’s see how far these scoundrels could go.”

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Bowser is certain that Mario and Luigi would fail, but the brothers managed to overcome each obstacle. He began to worry. He quickly went back to where he held the princess captive, anticipating the brothers would reach there too soon.

She took the Princess to a bridge with flowing lava beneath.

Princess Peach was no longer scared. She knows that her friends are on the way to rescue her.

“You won’t succeed! My friends are here, and they are going to stop your evil plans!”

The beast growled in anger as he breathed fire. When he saw the princess’ beautiful face, he began to relax. Somehow, she has tamed the monster that’s in him.

“Let go of her!”

Bowser looked behind and saw Mario and Luigi at the other side of the bridge.

“Mario! Luigi!” Princess Peach exclaimed.

“You are too late, the Princess is mine, and so is the Kingdom of Mushrooms!” Bowser said.

The beast’s eyes turned into flames, and he began to breathe balls of fire at Mario and Luigi.

The brothers managed to dodge the attacks and scurried to hit Bowser too. But the shell behind his back is too tough. Their petty attacks are useless.

Bowser charges at the brothers again. His heavy footsteps cause the bridge to shake. The brothers are trying hard no to fall on the molten lava beneath them. The distraction made them unable to avoid Bowser’s blows.

Princess Peach was scared. She knew she must help her friends. She struggles to maintain her balance and fell on her knees. When she looks up, she saw that Mario and Luigi are already down. They are in excruciating pain.

Bowser opens his mouth again, preparing to create another fireball to end the battle.

“Stop!” The Princess exclaimed. Bowser paused, and the fireball he was creating disappeared in thin air. The Princess almost couldn’t believe he would listen to her.

“Please, don’t hurt my friends.”

“Princess, can’t you see? The two rascals are no good for you.”

“But they’re my friends, and they come here to risk their lives to rescue me!”

“You are far too good for them, or any other creature in your Kingdom! Why won’t you come and join me instead? We’ll harness the power of the stars together and become the most powerful!”

“But…” the Princess desperately look for words that might convince the beast to spare their lives.

“Princess, you don’t have to get scared of me.
I know I look nothing like the appealing creatures of your land, but you must understand that I won’t hurt you.”

“Come and join me,” Bowser offered his hand. The Princess looked at it for a second. His hands were huge, but he’s never used them to hurt her. When she thinks of it, he has never really harmed her, even if he can.

Princess Peach extended her hand to Bowser. But just before he takes a hold of it, she jumped high above Bowser’s head.

Bowser was caught off guard. She watched the Princess high up in the air, and before he could move, he saw her pull Mario and Luigi to the other side of the bridge.

Bowser’s anger awakened. He snarled, and fire came out of his eyes, mouth, and nose. He started to create another ball of fire, the biggest one he’s ever made. However, before he could throw the blazing orbs, Peach found a skull switch and hit it.

The bridge beneath Bowser’s feet crumbled. He looked at Princess Peach one last time as he started to fall into the lake of lava beneath him.

He thought he saw some remorse in the Princess’s lovely eyes.

“I will be back for you, Princess! This is not the end!” Bowser screamed before falling to his demise.

Princess Peach knew she did the right thing, but she couldn’t help but feel bad for Bowser.
Mario and Luigi started gaining consciousness, and she quickly attended to them.

“Princess… you are safe,” Mario said in between breaths.

“Yes, I am. You are very brave! Thank you for saving me!”

“H-huh? Where is the monster? “Mario said, confused.

“You killed him! You hit the switch that destroys the bridge, and he fell into the lava. You rescued me! You and Luigi!”

“We did?” Luigi asked, still groaning in pain.

“Yes, you do! Now, it’s time to go back to the Kingdom to celebrate your heroic acts. Thank you for saving me, and the rest of the Kingdom!”

And so, the trio went back to the Kingdom of Mushrooms, where the Toads are waiting for them. Mario and Luigi were named heroes after saving the Princess.

As to why the Princess did not admit that it was her who saved the two, no one will ever know.

Perhaps she doesn’t want to make Mario and Luigi feel like a failure, or maybe she doesn’t want to be blamed by the Koopa race for the demise of their king.

Princess Peach continued to rule the land with her charm, but deep inside, she knew that Bowser is coming for her again one day. When that day comes, she’s intent to play the damsel in distress once more.

And so she did, the never-ending tale of Princess Peach getting kidnapped by Bowser happened over and over again.

The brothers now defeat Bowser for real, thanks to the Princess’s information about the skull switches and the little lie that boosted their confidence.

But what others do not know is that Bowser and the Princess started having a good time during those kidnappings. He never harmed the Princess. There are times when Bowser would even gently breathe fire to keep the Princess’s tea warm, and they would peacefully drink it together inside his castle, till the plumber brothers come to take the Princess away again. But of course, Bowser and the Princess little tea parties shall remain a secret, forever. And you, my friend, shall keep this little secret too.

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