The 10 Most Heartbreaking Scenes in ‘Outlander’

Do you know why ‘Outlander’ is so popular with fans? For the most part, it’s due to the romance and historical fiction elements, but for others, it’s because of the emotional scenes that make them cry. ‘Outlander’ can pull at your heartstrings in an instant. No character is immune to tragedy as we see them deal with loss and grief. So, without further ado, here ‘are the ten most heartbreaking sequences from ‘Outlander’.

1. Jamie Leaves Willie and Helwater Behind

 The haughty Geneva Dunsany, who was engaged to the Earl of Ellesmere, grabbed Jamie’s interest. Days before she was due to marry an elderly earl, Geneva decided to blackmail him into sleeping with her. Because Jamie did not want to be incarcerated again, he agreed to go into Geneva’s bedroom. Geneva became pregnant after nine months and gave birth to a boy, but the couple never married. After relocating him to Helwater with his new name, Lady Dunsany offered Jamie the opportunity to return home to Scotland. For his son’s sake, Jamie chose to stay in Helwater.

People began to suspect Willie since he looked more like Jamie than the late Earl of Ellesmere, and even little Willie had overheard rumors. If Jamie stayed much longer, almost everyone would notice the likeness, and Willie would lose everything. Lord John Grey then promised Jamie that he would watch after Willie. Jamie was forced to leave so his son would get a better life. When you see Jamie’s expression as he rides away, you will be so heartbroken that you want to reach for more tissues.

2. Losing Faith

Claire was pregnant with Jamie’s child the first time, but their daughter died when Claire went into labor unexpectedly. Claire was devastated to learn that they lost their daughter, especially because the stress of Jamie and Randall’s fight had triggered the premature labor. Plus, Jamie was in jail for the duration of the event, exacerbating the severity of the situation. When Jamie and Claire had to lay their daughter to rest, the entire ‘Outlander’ fandom wept for them and the huge loss they had to endure.

3. Claire Says Goodbye to Jamie

Season 2 Finale ended with Claire having to leave her 18th-century Highlander husband, Jamie Fraser, and their home in Scotland behind – a seemingly impossible task! To avoid the Battle of Culloden and to ensure her and her child’s safety in the 20th century, she undertook all of this work.

Knowing that they would never see each other again, it was difficult to watch the two lovers say their tearful and heartbroken goodbyes. At this point, it seemed like there is no more hope for their passionate love to triumph.

4. The Death of Murtagh Fitzgibbons

Murtagh Fitzgibbons is one of the most beloved characters in ‘Outlander’. Jamie and Murtagh were on opposing sides in the battle at Alamance Creek in Season 5. However, the barricades came down in Episode 4, and Murtagh ran to Jamie’s side. The two men went to the woods to mend fences and talk things out. We get a lovely scene of Jamie and Murtagh talking about their differences without arguing with each other. Murtagh was killed in that episode, but his death hurt Jamie more than he was willing to admit.

5. Assault of Brianna

When Brianna comes to the tavern where she is staying, she finds Stephen Bonnet, the robber who is gambling her mother’s silver wedding ring. Brianna then followed Bonnet into the tavern, but he assaulted her. Unfortunately, while Brianna begged for help during Bonnet’s attack, all of the men in the tavern were entirely oblivious. It was excruciating to watch.

6. Jamie’s Trauma

 While trying to visit Jamie from prison, Claire was caught by Black Jack Randall. For Jamie’s release, Randall agreed to allow Jamie to sexually assault him in exchange for her release. The heartless Captain Jack Randall, or Black Jack, tortured Highlander Jamie Fraser to the point where Jamie almost lost his mind. As Jamie’s spirit begins to crumble and he loses his sense of self, Randall does the unthinkable: he repeatedly rapes Jamie, using the Scotsman’s love for Claire to arouse and then shame him. Randall leaves Jamie with accolades from audiences and critics as he deals with the trauma, confusion, and death wish. 

7. Jamie is Flogged

Declaring his history with Blackjack Randall, Jamie confided in Claire for the first time. After getting three lashings from the Captain, Jamie opened up about his traumatic experience to Claire. Jamie was held captive by Randall at Lallybroch when he was trying to protect his sister from him. The other two were standing side by side with Jamie. Claire was there to listen to Jamie’s story and to be there for him, without pitying him. It was heartbreaking to see Jamie go through such a traumatic experience.

 8. Losing Fergus’ Hand

Young orphan Fergus was raised in a Paris brothel by his uncle, who used to go by the name of Claudel. After being hired to pickpocket and spy for Jamie, he became Claire and Jamie’s adopted child. A loyal Fergus grew up with Jamie as their relationship progressed. When Fergus was 15 years old, he encountered redcoats while on his way to visit Jamie. Jamie was hiding in a cave near Lallybroch. As Fergus tries to flee, he taunts them, hoping to lure them away from Jamie’s hiding spot. One of the soldiers draws his sword and slashes Fergus’s wrist with it, severing his hand cleanly off the wrist. Although Jamie is unable to save the boy, he promises to take care of him throughout his life. Even after more than two decades, Fergus remains Jamie’s steadfast ally.

9. Stephen Bonnet’s Robbery

Jamie and Claire are robbed by Stephen Bonnet in season 4’s premiere. However, some of their possessions have sentimental value to Jamie and Claire. In particular, the wedding ring Jamie made for Claire twenty years ago when they were married. Jamie’s Lallybroch house key was used to create the ring. Claire tried to swallow both of her wedding rings, but the only ring Claire was able to save was Frank’s. Bonnet and his men get away with all of their loot.

10. Bree and Roger’s Break-up

Roger and Bree haven’t shared many happy memories. They start dating, only for Roger to freak out when Brianna wants to sleep with him. In his mind, they must be at least engaged first, though he has slept with other women before. When Brianna discovers that her parents died in a fire in the 1770s, she abruptly travels through time to find and warn them, leaving Roger with nothing more than just a letter. Roger adores Bree so much that he travels through time and across the ocean to be with her. They had a huge fight the night they married and were intimately together for the first time. The quarrel resulted in a break-up. The worst part, Bree was attacked by Stephen Bonnet immediately after Roger left her alone.

These are some of the most tear-jerking ‘Outlander’ scenes of all time. How about you? Which ‘Outlander’ scene broke your heart the most? 

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