Saucy Stories

It takes a wizard to do a witches job

I stand naked in the icy lake looking into the dark and shining sky wondering what went wrong. I remember flashes of my skin pressing hard onto him, the warmth of his breath on my neck. If only I could remember the spell If only I could find a way to speak to him. I can still feel his hands as they ran across my body, picking me up and holding against the wall.

As the moonlight began to fade and the sun warmed my cold skin. I left the lake, putting my robes back on and casting my wand to open a portal back home. It was time for me to study again, I can’t pass the witches exam if I spend my time dreaming about a one night stand.

I practised the invisarta spell, which turns objects invisible. It took me hours and all I could turn invisible was my robes. I knew it would be another lonely night of study, but if I can’t turn myself invisible by tomorrow then I will fail the exam.

8 hours had passed while studying the invisible spell. I was able to turn my clothes invisible and my hat, but skill couldn’t change my skin. This was like last time, the day I met the wizard, last year it was a full moon and I was studying in my room.

I heard a bang outside, a failed telespell (teleportation spell). This wizard was running away from something and miscalculated his jump, resulting in light burns all over his clothes. I ran outside and helped him into my room.

No major wounds, but I had to disrobe him to assess and clean his burns. He had golden flame eyes, short brown hair, his body was strong but not overly muscular. He grabbed my hand as I was cleaning his wound and pulled me up.

He whispered lovova a spell which connects ones thoughts. I could feel it, he wanted me, he wanted to ripe my clothes off and kiss me everywhere. He started nibbling on my neck, I leant into it and began running my hands slowly down his body. He took off my hat and unbuckled my robes.

I moved in closer resetting my leg on his staff and feeling it grow as i moved my leg up and down. He cast another spell “Lifota” which altered gravity and we began to float. As we hovered in the room, holding each other tightly he ran tongue softly over my nipples while holding my hips tightly.

Moving slowly, kissing gently each part of my body until reaching… he started by nibbling the sides, moving in and out with his fingers. He slowly licked up and down, left and right, it felt like he knew exactly the combination of movements to cast a spell on me with his tongue. My energy was uncontrollable, as he movements became more intense the room was shaking from my magical energy surging. I could feel my nipples being licked at the same time, only to open my eyes and see he cast a duplication spell on himself. What a powerful wizard.

I closed my eyes again and leant back, his tongue began to move, his fingers in sync and my body being touched everywhere. I could feel myself getting overwhelmed with magical energy. I couldn’t hold it in any more, he started to slow and speed up, this pulse action caused me to explode releasing all my magical energy into the room and causing all my books to fall from the shelves.

As he slowed down, putting pressure onto me there with his mouth. His copy vanished, he floated us down to the ground where he stood with his hardened staff. “I would love to give you more, take you all night and become a single soul flying in the darkness of nights. But I can’t tonight. Find me, use the spell…” and then he grabbed his clothes and was gone.

I can’t remember the spell. But no point trying to think about it now, I have to study.

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