What is Lurora?

Lurora is an online boutique devoted to beautiful and finessed fantasy lingerie.

Strictly limited edition, our pieces are designed to inspire, beguile and seduce.

You have your fantasies; now look and feel the part as you venture through the looking glass, down the rabbit hole* and under the covers.

*rabbit optional

What are the tribes?

The tribes are their own sub culture, with each tribe focusing solely on supporting the amazing people that are involved in our culture. In the tribes we have live events, gaming sessions and freebies. The tribes create a space to support your own projects or twitch channels, as well as voting on which character you would like to see converted into lingerie.

Vulpes – Are binge watching, TV loving, music pumping people. 

Felis – Are the gamers, web comic/manga reading, cosplaying and anime geeks.

Noctua – Are your binge reading, book loving, obsessed nerds.

The only true way to find out what tribe you belong to is to take our sorting (hat) quiz.

Be a non-stop showstopper

Lifetime return policy

Never be unsatisfied. If you feel that your Lurora lingerie is not right for you, return it for a full refund. #

Don’t let the novelty fade

Trade system

Stay creative without a dent in your bank account. When a new collection is launched, you can trade in your current Lurora piece for a new one. #

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