My Hero Academia: Top 10 Best Costumes

Who does not want to be a superhero? It would be awesome to have some super ability that can let us defy the limiting laws of physics and biology. Fans of superhero anime ‘My Hero Academia’ can sure relate to this longing. In ‘My Hero Academia’ superpowers (called Quirks) have become so prevalent that almost everyone is born with it. While we cannot choose our superpowers, we can always select the costumes we want to wear.

Talking about costumes, today we will find out which characters in ‘My Hero Academia has the best costumes based on their uniqueness, functionality, and more.

 Yuga Aoyama

Yuga’s costume might remind you of Valentino Liberace, a famous musician from the 1950s to the 1970s. Although except for some fancy cloth, Yuga’s costume consists of metal armor, which makes sense considering his ability. Yuga’s Quirk allows him to shoot a laser out of his navel. Having an armor protects him whenever he gets tossed by the force of his tummy blasts. His glam-rock shades protect him from being blinded by his power.

The overall design of his costume reflects his charismatic personality. Yuga has a deep love for himself, to the point of narcissism. He even wants to be called “I cannot stop twinkling” at some point. It is impressive how he keeps this flashy personality even though he often upsets his stomach whenever he overuses the laser. Perhaps, this is the reason why he did not include diapers in his costume as Minoru does. 

My Hero Academia. Photo by: Studio Bones, Funimation
My Hero Academia. Photo by: Studio Bones, Funimation

 Kamui Woods

If we talk about uniqueness, Kamui Woods’ costume deserves praise. In a superhero universe of metals, plastics, Kamui Woods stands out. His costume is made of a wooden mask, wooden belt, wooden kneepads, and wooden shoes.

 Aside from being cool, the costume reflects his straightforward, always ready for business (or battle) personality. 


Backdraft’s costume looks like one of the real-life superheroes that most of us see. His Quirk allows him to produce water from the hose valves he has in place of his hands. He is an actual firefighter, and it makes sense that he will dress up the same. The hydrokinetic hero wears a costume similar to a firefighter, with a long yellow jacket with high-visibility lines running down the center, along with his sleeve cuffs, hem, and high collar. He even wears a red fireman hat. Whenever a fire disaster strikes, we will instantly recognize Backdraft as the person of authority, who we could trust to save us. 


My Hero Academia. Photo by: Studio Bones, Funimation
My Hero Academia. Photo by: Studio Bones, Funimation

Present Mic

Leather might not be the most comfortable superhero costume out there, but it is just the perfect material for the U.A.’s resident rock-n-roll-themed teacher, Mic. 

His costume includes a leather black jacket with a very high collar, upturned and complete with studs. He matches the overall look with black pants and knee-high boots. 

The eccentric teacher is a real-life rock star on the battlefield. His Quirk is voice, similar to sonic screams (think of a more lethal version of screamo artists). Hence, it just makes sense to get a costume fit for his rocker personality. YEEEEAAAAAHHH!

Tsuyu Asui

Tsuyu’s costume is pretty straightforward. Her Quirk is a frog, which means her special powers are similar to the amphibian’s characteristics. That includes enhanced swimming abilities, hopping at long distances, and Extending her tongue up to a maximum of 20 meters, among others.

Whenever you see her wetsuit combo, you will immediately know what her Quirk is. For her hero costume, she wears a bright green turtleneck bodysuit. She has a pair of tan-colored gloves with large buckles on each wrist guard and two matching belts. 

Tsuyu’s superhero costume allows her to move freely like a real superpowered frog on the battlefield. She is the coolest frog ever. 


My Hero Academia. Photo by: Studio Bones, Funimation

 Katsuki Bakugo

Bakugo is a crude, arrogant, short-tempered, and aggressive person, especially at the beginning of the series. He is honestly too much to handle sometimes. So, if you think he is overwhelming as a person, wait before you see his hero costume. Mr. Kohei put Katsuki in a military-shaped costume with a grenade that looks like boxing gloves that are so great of its purpose. 


The costume would probably look ridiculous and out of the topic for different heroes. However, this suits Bakugo well. He is some bad-ass guy, and his outfit defines his personality. His costume helped him make a reputation as one of the scariest guys out there. 

Power Loader

Higari Maijima skips the shirt and puts on an elaborate helmet instead. Well, we could not blame him. What would you need a shirt for if your Quirk is Iron Claws? Wearing a strong helmet is better suited for all those digging and mining through the ground. It is not every day that we see a shirtless superhero, but never take Maijima as less than your regular guys. According to Ultra Archive Book, his power scores at 5/5 while his intelligence is at 4/5. As a teacher, he is responsible for U.A.’s Costume Development Studio and is knowledgable in creating, upgrading, and maintaining hero costumes.

My Hero Academia. Photo by: Studio Bones, Funimation
My Hero Academia. Photo by: Studio Bones, Funimation
My Hero Academia. Photo by: Studio Bones, Funimation


Thirteen has one of the coolest costumes in My Hero Academia. Her suit seems like it can withstand anything. It can withstand heat, cold, freezing waters, and even the vacuum of space. 

Thirteen’s superhero costume may look cuddly and cute (like Big Hero’s Bay Max), but it serves a much powerful and complex purpose. Thirteen’s Quirk allows her to replicate a black hole suction effect from her fingertips. This power can be very dangerous because it disintegrates everything into dust. The spacesuit-like costume helps protect the outside world from these destructive Quirks. 


 Tenya Ida

Tenya Ida is one of the fastest students in Class 1-A. So, it makes sense to create a costume that will not hinder his Quirk. With car-like engines in each of his calves, Tenya has incredible running speed and kicking power.

 Tenya’s superhero costume is designed to cut down on air resistance and make Tenya even faster. Since his Quirk gives him a car-like ability, it is just fitting to have a costume that resembles one. Tenya wears a black one-piece suit with a high collar. He also wears different pieces of armor all over his body. 

My Hero Academia. Photo by: Studio Bones, Funimation
My Hero Academia. Photo by: Studio Bones, Funimation

Izuku ‘Deku’ Midoriya

Of course, the top spot on our list goes to Deku. Izuku Midoriya’s original costume includes a green full-body jumpsuit with a red belt, elbow pads, knee pads, and gloves. He also sports a pair of his signature red boots. However, during the Provisional Hero License Exam Arc, Deku upgraded his costume to suit his new fighting style, Shoot Style. Deku has iron soles to improve his kicks and support gloves to protect his hands when beating someone’s ass off.

His knee pads now have yellow bolts fastened into them, and he also takes arm braces. 

The costume aesthetically compliments his features, while reflecting his lovable yet powerful personality. 

Aside from the aesthetic, Deku’s costume is practical for battle. It gives him the additional protection he needs while allowing him to launch attacks at his enemies effectively. 

Deku’s costume is a testament to his journey. From being born as a Quirkless individual, he became a determined and powerful superhero. We would not be surprised if his superhero costume gets more upgrades in the future.



Which MHA superhero costume is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section!

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