How To Talk Geeky In Bed

Let us start this article with some brutal honesty. I am not a geek, or at least I thought I never would be. But then I met this guy and everything changed.

I am a girly-girl person who loves shopping, staying out with friends, and partying. Perfectly extroverted, that is what I am. Naturally, I just assumed that I would end up with some gregarious guy who is also a large party animal like me. 

But alas! Fate has other plans. 

I ended up meeting this awkward guy at a party. I remember everyone was having a great time. Drinks were endlessly pouring, the music was loud, and the people were dancing amidst flickering bright neon lights.

But this guy was just not into the whole party thing. He just stood in the corner with a drink in hand, looking bored as hell.

Some force compels me to approach him. Perhaps, I felt sorry that he looked so alone amidst the crowd? Or maybe I was just out of my mind. 

The alcohol took over most of my brain, and I groggily took him by the hand. We headed to the dance floor. I saw him smile awkwardly and dance (surely out of respect).

Suddenly the world started spinning. The next thing I knew, I woke up in an unknown room with a guy sitting right next to my bed, showing me 100 ways to cure hangovers, according to science. 

Perhaps, the saying was true. Opposites attract. 

We started going on casual dates. We would go out with my friends for lunch, and he would sit right there, fully engrossed in our meaningless conversation. Albeit, it is funny how a guy that is so smart can’t pick up a joke sometimes. 

He has opened up my eyes to an entirely different world. He was the calm to my usually dizzying, fast-paced world, my walking encyclopedia with trivia for almost everything. 

Yeah, he is a geek. But he is my geek! After a few dates, I have come to realize I also enjoyed his interests.

I started appreciating the intricate storyline of the Marvel movies, enjoyed Star Wars, and gawk at him whenever he nonchalantly talks about behind the scene information about the films we are watching. 

But so much for my love story. This article is about one thing: how to talk geeky in bed.

For a few years that we have shared the bed, we found a few things that spiced up our intimate moments, and today I want to share them with you.

Define Your Geek’s interest

Geeks can have a wide range of interests. Some can be into technology, while others can be into comics, superheroes, and fantasy films. 

If you want to learn how to talk geeky in bed, it is essential to define what your partner’s interest is all about. See what he likes and how you can bring that into the bedroom. 

I put this suggestion at the top of our list because it affects the rest of the ideas below. 

My man is both into technology, fantasy, and Marvel films. However, technology conversations do not excite him in bed as much as Marvel talks do. So, yeah, we were sticking with Marvel for our lovey-dovey time. 

Use some Jargon or Quotes Related To Your Interest.

I admit. Before dating this guy, I never thought that I would be quoting some superhero movies while grinding into my man’s loins one day.

But then again, why not?

A geek’s interest embeds deeply into his life. Hence, there is no reason not to bring it into your sex life too. 

It helps to have a list of handy quotes you can use in fitting situations. Like when I tell him Thor’s “Is that the best you can do,” to tease him to give me more. Or when he quotes Captain America’s “I can do this all day,” after hot, steamy sex!

Of course, there is no one single recipe for finding the perfect geeky quote to use in bed. It all boils down to our first suggestion again: defining the interest. Picking an unsuitable quote might end up in a cringe.

After spending enough time together, finding the right quote would no longer be so hard. Trust me, talking geeky in bed will come naturally. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

Leave A Little Mystery


Geeks love figuring things out! Their brains are wired for understanding. The more complicated and challenging things are, the more rewarding it is to them. 


So, if you want to talk geeky in bed, try to leave a little mystery in your conversations. You can also incorporate little puzzles or riddles into your foreplay. 


Try Some Role-Playing 

Role-Playing is another fun way to spice up your sex life, geek or not. It allows you and your partner to completely let go, escape reality, and enjoy your fantasies! 


A bedroom is a place where there should be no judgment. Most of the time, we assume that we already know everything about our partners. However, you would be surprised how much there is left to explore within a person.


Role-Playing is also a great way to bring your inner geek out and start talking about geeky things without inhibitions. 


Use Geeky Compliments in Bed


Who does not love compliments? Receiving and giving compliments can brighten our mood and make us feel good about ourselves. 


While I am used to getting compliments from my friends all the time, I learned that my geeky partner doesn’t.


The first time I complimented him, he looked so weird because he did not know how to react. Nonetheless, it boosted both our moods so much so I kept looking for geeky/nerdy compliments online. 


Some of them are too cheesy, but he laughs and blushes anyway. Here are a few of them:


        If you were a triangle, you’d be acute one.


        You’re like mathematics. A little difficult at times, but worth getting to know.


        You’re the Obi-Wan for me.


        Are you made of Nickel, Cerium, Arsenic, and Sulfur? Because you’ve got a NiCe AsS!


        I would simply walk into Mordor for you. 


        I wish I were a DNA helicase, so I could unzip your genes!

 Think about what compliment your partner would love to hear as a geek in bed. The compliment can be about your partner’s appearance or performance.

Moreover, giving compliments in bed can make you and your partner feel less conscious about your naked bodies. It also encourages you and your partner to put more effort into making each other happy in the bedroom. 

“Behaviors that get rewarded are likely to be repeated. So, if you tell someone how much you like how he smiled when you greeted each other, he’s likely to smile again on seeing you,” says  Marcia Naomi Berger, a licensed clinical social worker and psychotherapist in San Rafael, California, and author of “Marriage Meetings for Lasting Love: 30 Minutes a Week to the Relationship You’ve Always Wanted“.

So, if your partner did something you truly liked, don’t hesitate to come up with a geeky compliment. 

But what if you are the geek/ nerd person and your partner is not? Should you try to hide your geekiness to avoid disappointing your partner? 

Honestly, the answer is a big no! 

There is nothing wrong with being a geek or a nerd. If my partner tried to hide who he is, I never would’ve noticed him in that crowd. I wouldn’t have stayed interested if he kept all his bright ideas to himself because he was afraid of scaring me away. 

Being a geek/ a nerd is never a turn-off but being disrespectful and rude is. 

Continue being who you are, and you will attract the right person. If a person truly loves you, he/she/they will come to love your quirks, too. That includes who you are in bed. 



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Live the dream.


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