Geralt Of Rivia: Unmasking The Gentle And Sexy Side Of The Witcher

Henry Cavill’s portrayal of Geralt of Rivia has undeniably made The Witcher one of the sexiest male fictional characters ever made. His ashen grey hair, piercing eyes, and ripped body is a sight to behold, while his cold and distant personality is a mystery we’d be more than happy to unfold.

From the outside, he looks apathetic and cynical, casually wearing a stoic expression wherever he goes. He is the cold silent type, a killer for a coin, with stares so deep it is easy to find yourself drowning.

However, behind his aloof facade lies a character worthy of affection. He is a loyal friend, a great lover, and a protective father to his adoptive daughter. There are countless tales of his victories, but who really is Geralt of Rivia apart from being a killing machine?

Let us try to dig deep into the mystery of The Witcher’s character.


The Making Of The Witcher: The Early Life Of Geralt Of Rivia

There has been a lot of chronicles about the life of Geralt. Hence, we will try to stick with the canon stories for this article.

The son of the sorceress Visenna and, presumably, the warrior Korin, it is safe to assume that Geralt is already born with greatness running on his blood. This innate greatness helped him overcome the tests that will eventually forge him to become the most powerful Witcher ever made (at least before his adoptive daughter Ciri came to take on the mantle). 

Right after he was born, Visenna left him at the School of the Wolf at Kaer Morhen, where he trained to become a Witcher. He passed the rigorous Trial of the Grasses and survived countless mutagenic experimentation that granted him greater strength, extreme resistance to pain, speed, endurance, resilience, healing, heightened senses, and complete immunity to diseases and conventional poisons.

Geralt has graced numerous franchises, including video game series, television shows, films, and even a novel series. However, what most people do not know is that this magnificent character had a rather humble beginning.

Geralt was created by the brilliant mind of a Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski.  The author first published The Witcher short stories in Polish science fiction and fantasy magazine Fantastyka beginning in the mid-1980s.

An interesting fact, Sapkowski wrote the first short story, “Wiedźmin” (“The Witcher”) in 1986 for a contest held by the magazine. The story only won third place but went on to live for decades to come, with a huge cult following worldwide.

 Geralt of Rivia first appeared in the four stories featured in a 1990 short story collection titled Wiedźmin (The Witcher), which is now out of print.

Sapkowski’s works have been adapted into a film (The Hexer), two television series (The Hexer and The Witcher), a video game trilogy (The Witcher, The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt), and a graphic novel series known as the Witcher Saga.

Of course, these adaptations have brought changes to the original story, and even the description of Geralt’s appearance differed between adaptations.

In the Witcher novel series, Geralt’s body is described as unconventionally lithe, a physique that is more like a swimmer than a bodybuilder. Even the first two video games has him sporting a slender yet toned body with broad shoulders. However, there was a huge change in his form in the recent years, and when Superman Henry Cavill came to portray the character, Geralt has become even more irresistible.

No matter how he looks, the canonical truth remains the same, Geralt Of Rivia is a force to be reckoned with, and that is definitely sexy!


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The Lesser Evil: Understanding The Witcher’s Personality

In the fictional world simply known as the Continent, Geralt is among the few remaining monster slayers for hire. He is a highly skilled warrior hired by humans to kill monsters that threaten their peace. However, the human race is a complex species. They frown upon the Witcher like he is some damned creature simply because he is a mutant.

They see him no less than a killer hungry for a coin. They know he is far superior in strength, but they continue to mock him in almost any instance they possibly could.  Perhaps they are afraid? Or perhaps they are too proud of their erroneous sense of moral ascendency over other races? Nonetheless, Geralt knows that it is in human nature to hate, and he has learned to live with it.

Everyone thought that Witchers are incapable of having emotions, but the truth is Geralt is wise enough to know that showing how he feels would not bring him any good.

He ignores the banters of the crowd and often focuses on the tasks at hand. After killing Renfri in Blaviken, the townspeople threw stones at him, not knowing how close they would come to being hostages and killed off if not for his help.

In a world full of monsters, elves, and despicable creatures, finding the good is deemed impossible. Hence, people make choices out of the lesser evil. When they come to get the Witcher’s aide to do the dirty work for them, they use the phrase to mask their true selfish motives. But Geralt is a lot wiser. He knows that the term lesser evil is mere rubbish.  No amount of coin will convince him to kill innocent creatures who get misconstrued to be sinister and monstrous simply because of how they look. He may be fighting some personal inside battles, but he has strong principles to hold unto, and he knows better than to listen to the misguided opinions of other people.


Geralt And Yennefer: The Witcher As A Lover

Yennefer of Vengerberg, a sorceress who lived in Vengerberg, the capital city of Aedirn, is considered the love of Geralt’s life. The two shared a tumultuous relationship, but they became caring parent figures to Princess Ciri, both doing their best to protect her against all harm.

The story of how Yennefer and Geralt met was revealed in Sapkowski’s book titled ‘The Last Wish’ (Ostatnie życzenie).

Geralt and Dandelion (also known as Jaskier) went fishing, but the line snapped, and their prey escaped. The two argued about who was at fault. As they started to leave, Dandelion realized that the line had caught an old jar, which he thought might contain a djinn. Geralt saw that the jar contains a mage’s seal, and warned not to touch it. However, Dandelion’s clumsy and stupid nature broke the seal in their scuffle.  Geralt grabbed his swords while Dandelion made two wishes. The angered djinn grabbed Dandelion by the throat, injuring him badly.

Geralt’s weapons barely damage the djinn. Out of his desperation, he grabbed the seal and used the words of an exorcism a priestess had taught him, and miraculously the djinn ran off.

While finding a way to cure his injured friend, Geralt asks the help of Yennefer of Vengerberg, the only mage who continues to practice magic despite King Heribert’s orders to ban it. Yennefer is staying with the honorary Novigrad ambassador, Beau Berrant, therefore ensuring her safety while she lived with him.

The tales of Geralt and Yennefer’s first meeting is alluring.

As Geralt made his way to the Berrant’s home, he found the ambassador drunk and naked. The intoxicated ambassador talked about a woman wanting juice before he passed out. Geralt got the apple juice, then made his way up to the sorceress’ bedchamber alone and gave her the drink.

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Yennefer was under the covers and didn’t notice at first that it was not Berrant who entered the room. However, once she emerged naked, she quickly realizes what’s happening and demanded an explanation from Geralt.

 Long story short, the sorceress agreed to help The Witcher save Dandelion’s life. However, Geralt did not know that she secretly wanted to get the genie under her control to use its powers. To do that, Yennefer needs the genie to grant all 3 wishes to Dandelion (he already made 2).

However, there is a major twist. It was not Dandelion who the djinn is listening to but Geralt, for it was him who grabbed the seal. The first wish was granted when he used the ancient exorcism that he learned from a priestess (which translates as “go away and plough yourself” – but of course, Geralt did not know the translation). The second time he asked the guard captain in the prison to “explode”, which did happen.

Upon realizing this, Yen asked Geralt to voice out his last wish, as the two struggled upon the djinn’s return.

Geralt’s last wish was never explicitly revealed, but one can deduce that he wished for him and Yen to be bound by fate. By voicing his third wish, he frees the djinn and saves Yennefer in the process too.


In the book, Yennefer told Geralt:


“‘Wait,’ she whispered. ‘That wish of yours… I heard what you wished for. I was astounded, simply astounded. I’d have expected anything but to… What made you do it, Geralt? Why . . . Why me?’… ‘I don’t know whether such a wish can ever be fulfilled. I don’t know whether there’s such a Force in Nature that could fulfil such a wish. But if there is, then you’ve condemned yourself. Condemned yourself to me.'”


The same wish has intertwined their paths forever, and Yennefer always finds herself back in Geralt’s arms. However, the same wish has frustrated the sorceress because she is now having a hard time differentiating whether what she feels for The Witcher is real or is just a result of the wish.

The Witcher is a sensual lover, and more so in bed. He and Yennefer shares the most passionate love making. Albeit, his relationship with Yennefer has been unstable since the beginning. They both have a lot of emotional baggage. It’s a love and hate relationship, two broken souls who found their missing piece in each other, but both are too damaged to believe that they deserve to love and be loved.


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