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It’s natural to occasionally have second thoughts about a purchase.  If you decide that you don’t absolutely love your purchase, feel free to send it back!  Just be sure to make sure the item isn’t damaged or dirty first though!


From there we have a few options.You can either trade the item with another customer who has something you want. Or, if you have your eye on an upcoming product you can trade in your original purchase for the new product! We even cover the postage and price difference! 

Lurora keeps a small product inventory. Anytime we launch a new item there are two initial phases.  Our Pre Sales and Sales Periods product swaps happen after these phases. If a particular item is sold out during this you won’t be able to trade your piece unless another person is willing to exchange the piece they own.

Any item traded in will be professionally cleaned, repaired for fading or stretching.  We’ll then put them back up for trade.  This is a great way for someone else to enjoy our product!

We want you to be the dream you want to be.  We also understand that sometimes tastes change.  Looking back at our old high school yearbooks, we’re thrilled fashion tastes changed.  That’s why you’re welcome to return any undamaged or unsoiled item, no matter how long you’ve had it! We guarantee you a full refund. 

We can only refund into the account that it was purchased from and we can only refund to the person the piece has been connected to….which means if you decide to give the piece away, please contact us via our contact form and we will guide you through the process.

Simple! To ensure you get the best service, we have two options for that.  First you can either email us your info. We’ll then guide you step by step. Or you can access “exchange information” on your account page.

Be sure to provide as much detail as possible.  This includes the colour, design or size. Once we receive your item, we’ll send you the new one! We want you to be your dream after all!


Like with all of our trade, exchange and return policy the product can’t be damaged or soiled. 

The best price possible! It’s free!

Shall we play a game? That’s right, we did just reference the 1983 movie called War Games! Here’s why: Anytime you purchase an item at Lurora, you get a random chance at winning a Gold product. Kind of like playing a game! If your order is the one selected  we’ll let you know! Getting Gold means you get both the gold product and a normal version of the product completely free!  Are you feeling lucky?
We draw the tickets when the stocks run out.

This is where things really get cool! Getting all the achievements means prizes! Like what? Well for starters, you unlock unique access to our events, you also get  different priority with shipping! Not to mention extra freebies! Best of all you can even get inclusive access to collections tailored for you. 


Tired of getting virtual trophies for a video game achievement? We would rather you be rewarded for letting us help you be the dream you want to be!

They’re prizes for our own version of a treasure hunt 😉

To add a fun element to your shopping experience,  we decided to hide prizes on our site.  If you find one, your next purchase will include a free item! Each prize is different: they range from room spray, to massage oil, candles or rose petals.

For the first hidden item, try ‘beating the drum’ on the home page.


These items won’t be given unless you make a purchase for a collection piece at the same time. Please note, if you find the items after already ordering, we will be able to add them to a future order instead.

We sure do! We’ll have you looking your best almost anywhere in the world!

Unfortunately at the moment we are unable to ship to the following places:

Acension, Bovet Island, Congo, Crimea/Sebastopol, Cuba, Heard & McDonald Islands, Iran, Johnston Island, Korea D.P.R. (North Korea), Libya, Midway Island, Myanmar (Burma), Palestinian Territory (Occupied), Pitcairn, Rwanda (Service available to Kigali only), Sierra Leone, Sudan (North), Syria, Tokelau, Tristan Da Cunna, Turkmenistan, Wake Island, Yemen

The first thing to do is think about your favourite animal. Hopefully, this will calm you down a bit.  It always helps us.  Then, the next best thing to do [email protected] with your tracking number and expected delivery date.  As soon as we get it, our top staff will do our best to solve it. As soon as we know something, so will you.

We’re very sorry about that! Please email us as much detail as possible at [email protected]. We’ll get our top staff on the issue right away. As soon as we know something, you’ll know something.

Be the dream

All orders come with free shipping, lifetime return policy, are limited editions and free trade for any new designs regardless of the cost.

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