Look great, buy nice things, and become recognized.

Lurora Affiliate program is for anyone who feels they are not represented online and would like to share their collections. Affiliates for Lurora are our guardian angels (GA), and as such, we have a small process to ensure each person is hand-selected. We only want people who genuinely believe in our vision and wish to help us achieve it. 

What does a GA (Affiliate Guardian Angel) receive?

You will always have the latest.

All Affiliate receive one piece of each new garment in every collection released. That will allow you to take photos, talk about the product, and discuss with us what you like and don’t like.

Have the things you couldn’t.

Lurora pays you $25 for each sale made from your link. That is our entry amount paid to all GA’s and may increase depending on your activity. You can now look amazing while representing yourself and getting paid.

Share your style with the world.

Each GA receives a special coupon code. When a customer users this code, it will give them a unique item in their cart. That is usually hand-crafted earring-based, which we have collaborated with you to make sure it represents your personality.

What are we looking for?

The list below is desirable but not required. You don’t need to have a following to become a GA. Please apply if you want to try something new 🙂

  • If you do not get represented on our site.
  • Have a following online (over 2k)
  • Actively engaging people online
  • Active on equality forums or groups
  • Have your own community group

No hassle and complicated responsibilities!

Becoming a GA is very easy. You only need to use your creativity to help promote our products and be part of Lurora’s growing tribe!

As a GA, we expect you to do the following:

  • Take photos/ videos and promote our products on your social media channels, forum groups, or community groups. We may share your photos on our website, social media pages, and other campaign channels, with credits to your page.
  • Promote our tribes and be part of a tribe. Our tribes are here to bring people together based on their interests. Click here to find your tribe.
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