12 Hottest Females Of ‘My Hero Academia’

‘My Hero Academia’ (Boku no Hīrō Akademia) remains one of the most loved and top-rated anime series to date. The show is based on a manga series of the same name, written and illustrated by Kōhei Horikoshi.

The anime series is set in a world where most people have superpowers, called Quirks.  It centers on Izuku Midoriya, a boy born without Quirks but still dreams of becoming a hero.

Izuku Midoriya got the chance to achieve his dream after All Might, Japan’s greatest hero, chooses Midoriya to become his successor and hands him down his Quirk.

The adventures of Izuku Midoriya are immensely entertaining, but we can’t deny that the women of the show pushed it to the next level. The series has a diverse set of female characters who also gets their time to shine and do not get treated like background characters.

Today, we will name 12 of the sexiest ‘My Hero Academia’ female characters. Fair warning, we have a tough time choosing the characters who will get into this list. 


Mina Ashido

QuirK: Acid

Mina can generate acid in her body and manipulate its properties. Her quirks allow her to melt her targets/ opponents.

Mina Ashido, also known as Pink, is one of the adorable and alluring beauties from class 1-A. She has a slender body with just the right amount of curves in the right places. Mina has pink skin and fluffy pink hair, which was a result of her Quirk. She has black and yellow eyes, with two horns protruding on her head.

The thing with Mina is that she can be playful and effortlessly sexy at the same time. She is very enthusiastic, cheerful, and very talented in dancing.

Although Mina looks otherworldly, her energy and kindness would want you to make friends with her. It’s hard not to admire her positivity. Because of her personality, Mina is one of the most favorite female characters of ‘My Hero Academia.’

My Hero Academia c/o Studio Bones, Funimation
My Hero Academia c/o Studio Bones, Funimation




Mei Hatsume

Quirk: Zoom

Mei has the power to zoom her vision and see things as far as five kilometers.

Just like Mina, Mei also sports pink hair. However, Mei’s hair is shoulder length, while Mina’s is much shorter and fluffier.

Mei is an intelligent girl, but she has an off-putting personality. She can also be manipulative. One time, she tricked Tenya Ida to help promote her invention?  That makes people around her uncomfortable.

Nonetheless, her genius personality allows her to create impressive and high-technology gadgets. Despite her atrocious personality, we can’t help but admire her dedication to her inventions. She is not scared of failing. Instead, she sees failure as an opportunity to learn. Now that is sexy!




Itsuka Kendo

Quirk: Big Fist

Itsuka Kendo has the power to enlarge both of her hands, giving her enormous strength.

Itsuka is a student of the U.A. High School and the representative of Class 1-B. She has long red hair (well, technically orange). She usually styles it in a side ponytail.

When it comes to personality, Itsuka is among the female characters you will effortlessly love. She is high-spirited and thoughtful. Her maturity makes her aware of what’s best for others. She is the kind of friend you can count on and the kind of leader you would want to have. Above all, she is not afraid of calling out others for their wrong behavior. For example, she did not hesitate to give Monoma a karate chop on his neck whenever he acts like an asshole and terrorizes the Students of Class 1-A.

My Hero Academia c/o Studio Bones, Funimation
My Hero Academia c/o Studio Bones, Funimation


Emi Fukukado

Quirk: Outburst

Emi is also known as Ms. Joke because of her ability to force her opponents/ targets to laugh uncontrollably. As a result, the target loses focus and proper brain function, allowing Emi to defeat them.

With an athletic build and muscular arms, you would surely think twice before messing with Emi. However, the actual Emi is far from scary. She is cheerful and very outgoing. Her goofy attitude can always lighten up, even in the direst situation. Even the very cold and stoic Shota Aizawa cannot prevent Emi and her jokes. She likes to tease him and make fun of his distant personality.

What makes Emi special is her trust and belief in her student’s capabilities. She wants to give every student equal opportunities. As a result, she somewhat dislikes  U.A. High School for its elitist attitude. 




Setsuna Tokage

Quirk: Lizard Tail Splitter

Setsuna can split her body up to 50 pieces. She can remotely control each piece, and they can move voluntarily and float through the air.

Setsuna has large dusky green eyes and dark moss green hair.  She is a talkative girl with a confident and provocative attitude. Setsuna is a Class 1-B student, but unlike most people in her class, she does not seem to hate Class 1-A.

Speaking of class, Setsuna has a natural gift for leadership. Her teammates trust and believe in her, and they follow her without a doubt. Setsuna is the kind of classmate you would want to stick around if you want to do well at school or want a positive influence in your life. She is very reliable and has a strong personality. Most of all, she does not second guess her decisions in life. 

My Hero Academia c/o Studio Bones, Funimation
My Hero Academia c/o Studio Bones, Funimation


Himiko Toga

Quirk: Transform

Himiko can transform into any individual and copy their voice by ingesting their blood. The more blood she gets, the longer she can stay in the form of that person.

Most ‘My Hero Academia’ girls are cheerful, but Himiko is extra. Her face often gets painted with a smile, and it can even get wider when she is about to kill someone. She usually gets excited about taking over the next person’s identity, which explains her joker-like grin.

Her excitement gives her a pinkish blush on her cheeks. If you become her victim, the last thing you’re probably going to see is Himiko smiling creepily while draining your blood.

Yeah, Himiko Toga is a big lunatic, but she’s the kind of nut job we don’t mind having around. 


Nemuri Kayama

Quirks: Somnambulist

Nemuri, also known as R-Rated Hero: Midnight, can exude a sleep-inducing aroma that causes people around her to fall asleep. Males are more susceptible to her Quirks than females.

Talk about overpowering sexuality, Nemuri is oozing with overwhelming appeal. She is a tall woman with a curvaceous body and sky blue eyes. She has a head full of layered, dark purple hair that cascades down below her waist. She paints her nails red, and she wears a costume akin to a traditional dominatrix, complete with thigh-high garter stockings.

If that is not enough, she also has worn handcuffs on both her wrists and often carries a flogger-style whip.  Her skintight bodysuit enhances her voluptuous figure.

Nemuri can be very playful and flirty, but you have to be careful because you surely don’t want to see her angry side. She usually gets mad whenever she gets interrupted or insulted.

Nemuri likes to hang out with the younger crowd. Just be careful not to call her old, or you will surely suffer her wrath.


My Hero Academia c/o Studio Bones, Funimation
My Hero Academia c/o Studio Bones, Funimation

Nana Shimura

Quirk: Float and One For All

Nana Shimura’s original Quirk allows her to suspend in mid-air. She is also the seventh user of the One For All Quirk, which let her stockpile an enormous amount of raw power, giving her superhuman strength.

Nana is a beautiful woman with a tough exterior. She is tall, with a slender yet shapely figure. Her hair is black, and her skin is fair. She wears a black suit with a high collar, paired with a long, white cape.

Nana is a true hero, in every sense of it. She is powerful and has a mighty sense of justice. Her empathy and emotional resilience are very apparent in different episodes.  

Nana has a son named Kotaro. After her husband gets killed by the All For One, Nana gets forced to send Kotaro away to keep him safe. Sadly, Kotaro does not understand Nana’s true intention. He grew up hating her mother for abandoning him.

Beyond her physical beauty, we get enthralled with how much Nana is willing to sacrifice to keep her loved ones safe.

Rumi Usagiyama

Quirk: Rabbit

Rumi has incredible leg strength and can jump and kick with massive strength. She also has a heightened sense of hearing and can easily detect danger far away.

Rumi is more like a Playboy bunny, except that she is more muscular and athletic. She has powerful arms and legs and tanned skin. Rumi has a pair of long, white rabbit ears. Her long white hair falls beautifully behind her back. She also has a white round tail.

She wears purple thigh-high boots, white and blue leotards that resemble a bathing suit, and a pair of white gloves.

Rumi is a tough woman who is not scared to speak her mind. She is strong and independent. Rumi thinks that heroes who join teams are cowards and are only relying on the strength of their teammates instead of their own. She is one of the bravest characters you will ever meet.

Rumi is not scared of getting in life-threatening situations and lives without regrets. She can also endure extreme pain without losing focus. When her forearm gets crushed during the Hospital Raid, she cuts it off herself and continues to fight.


My Hero Academia c/o Studio Bones, Funimation
My Hero Academia c/o Studio Bones, Funimation


Quirk: Serpentress

Uwabami can grow three live snakes (a rattlesnake, a yellow King cobra snake, and a Japanese rat snake) on her head. The snakes have sharp senses and allow her to locate targets.

Uwabami is a gorgeous, gorgeous woman! She looks and acts like a traditional celebrity, with long blonde hair, a curvaceous body, and golden eyes.

Uwabami is more interested in the limelight than being a hero. She loves her modeling gigs more than her hero jobs. Her only reason for working as a mentor for two U.A. students is because she thinks they will look good in her commercial.

Nonetheless, she does not forget her hero obligations and still engages in activities to destroy the villains from time to time.b

Camie Utsushimi

Quirk: Glamour

Camie can emit a smoke-like substance that can cause visual and auditory illusions over a large area for a short time.

Camie is a young woman with light brown hair that she usually styles with a signature cap. Her lips are pouty and glossy. She has brown eyes and a curvaceous figure.

Camie is an easy-going person. She is bubbly, talkative, and easy to have a conversation with. Camie also likes people to call her by her first name instead of her last.

When talking to people, Camie tends to use plenty of trendy slang terms. She thinks it’s cool, but in reality, it makes her difficult to understand by most people.

Nonetheless, she is still a fun person to be around. If you want to win her heart, let her know you like kids. She finds guys who like children is attractive. 

My Hero Academia c/o Studio Bones, Funimation
My Hero Academia c/o Studio Bones, Funimation



Momo Yaoyorozu

Quirk: Creation

Momo’s skin can transform the molecular structure of her fat cells into anything. She can easily craft powerful weapons and draw them directly from her skin.

Momo has long black hair, which she usually ties in a ponytail.  She has a voluptuous figure, which she needs to maintain since her Quirk requires her to use fat cells.

Fittingly, her hero costume exposes the right amount of skin so she can create items at many points of her body. She doesn’t care about losing a majority of her clothing while in a battle. Her power allows her easily create a new one.

Although she is confident in her naked body, Momo has a very innocent mind. She gets uncomfortable and frustrated at sexual advances. It goes to show that Momo has a clean perspective for nudity. Her nudity is her power, and she is certainly not exposing herself to gain attention.





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