10 Sex Tips To Bring The ‘Outlander’ Show To Your Bedroom

Let’s be honest. We all love Outlander for its plot- nothing more, nothing less. Lucky for us, the plot includes a time-traveling nurse, a hot Scottish soldier, looming war, steamy sex scenes, rebellions, slavery, steamy sex scenes again, dangerous arch-nemesis, daily struggles of living in the 18th century,–and again—steamy sex scenes, ugh!

It’s so easy to get lost in the world of Outlander, especially when the screen switches to Jamie and Claire’s intimate affairs. Thanks to Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan‘s incredibly realistic and irresistible chemistry, Outlander is regarded as one of the sexiest shows on the planet. But unlike regular raunchy series, the arousing scenes in Outlander are meticulously and artistically executed. It is more sensual and pleasing to the eyes of women. There are no cheap stunts you usually see in porn, no weird gimmicks that are otherwise appalling or off-putting, just pure intimate shots that leave us craving for the touch of the Claires and Jamies of our lives.

But why end with craving when you can bring the Outlander experience straight to the bedroom? Yes, babe, you heard that right. There is no need to find your standing stones at Craigh Na Dun because we got your Outlander erotic fantasies covered. Now, I hope you all got your real-life Jamies and Claires out there because we are just about to give you ten guaranteed sex tips to bring the Outlander show to your bedroom. Let the carnal countdown begin!

10. Light Up That Sexy Candles

Who would forget Jamie and Claire’s first night together? After traveling to the 18th century, Claire finds herself in a precarious situation that forced her to marry Jamie, a Highlander. The two were expected to consummate their relationship immediately after taking their vows. 

But there is a problem. Jamie is a virgin with definitely no clue how sex works. On the other hand, Claire is still trying to get over the fact that he is now starting to fall for Jamie, while her first husband is left in the future. Both are nervous, but the awkwardness did not last long as the desire swept them both in. The result is perfectly splendid lovemaking while the candlelight and fire outlined their silhouette.

Candles are the perfect way to get the romantic vibe up instantly. The subtle candlelight creates a sexy atmosphere. For those with body insecurities but still want to gaze at each other, making love in the candlelight could be a perfect option. Bring the Outlander vibe to the next level by opting for vintage-looking candles. Interestingly, there are plenty of Outlander-inspired candles online, and some even claim to smell like Jamie Fraser! Check them out here.

9. Sex By The Fireplace

Fire is the powerful element that rightfully represents Jamie and Claire’s steamy moments. From the first night after the wedding to the time, they reunited after 20 years. Both nights were accompanied by the fire burning as sensually and as bright as their love. Seeing them reunited after 20 years is like seeing them back on their wedding night. Both are feeling a little awkward as they tried to explore each other’s bodies. But the shyness did not last. Soon, both their decades of longing and salacious needs were satisfied. Do you have some Outlander longing and carnal need that needs to get satisfied, too? If you have a fireplace in the bedroom, congratulations because you just found another ticket for an alluring Outlander night. Get the fire burning and give in to your lustful desire. Slowly undress each other, and take the time to explore every curve. Feel the warmth of each other’s skin. Lose yourself in the pleasure until you quiver with passion while the fire flickers in the rustic room.

8. Get Some Sexy Vintage-Inspired Lingerie

Want your sex life to travel back in time? You should consider getting vintage-inspired lingerie. There are plenty of options available online such as 18th Century Linen Corset, Historical Underwear, and Claire’s vintage nightdress. 

Lurora will also be launching our very own Outlander inspired lingerie and nightwear sets. This collection will surely bring out the inner Jamie and Claire in you and your partner. Be creative, but most importantly, be comfortable. All body shapes are beautiful. Our bodies are gifts, and lingerie are the ribbons that add charm and increase the anticipation of opening up the present.

7. Play Some Sensual Music

Lights? Check. Sexy wear? Check. Now, let us move on to the next romantic checklist, and that’s music! Music evokes strong emotions, and picking the right tune can either make or break your romantic attempts. This is the reason why sex playlists exist in the real world. Outlander has the most -sensual soundtracks for their sex scenes, and Claire’s moaning even makes it more compelling. There is no need to get the actual soundtracks from the show. You can try exploring some sensual instrumental music and create your playlist. But if you’re up for the total Outlander vibe, you can check out Bear McCreary’s official YouTube channel. Bear is the talented musical composer of the show. He is also the same guy behind the music of the PS4 game God of War, 2019 film Godzilla: King of the Monsters, and the 2004 Battlestar Galactica series. Some of his Outlander soundtracks are uploaded on his YouTube channel. 

6. Dress Up Like Your Favorite Outlander Character

Up for some role-play? Role-playing allows us to bring out our inner sexual fantasies to life. The only way to experience what others truly feel is to be in their shoes- or in this case, their dress, quite literally. Style up your clothes like your favorite Outlander characters. 

Get your tartan kilts and dress up like a hot Scottish Highlander. Or get yourself a simple white dress with a white keyhole neckline to recreate Claire’s first-time travel outfit. If you are more daring than the average, why not create your nipple dress inspired by Madame Nesle de la Tourelle? There are plenty of Outlander costumes to choose from, and you are free to decide which character to pick. You can check out our separate article on ‘How To Style Your Clothes Like Outlander Characters’ for more info. 

5. Be Passionate

The Outlander experience is a passionate ride. If you want to bring the experience straight to your room, then be prepared to be equally passionate in bed. Sure, you can have all the trinkets, the candles, and the costumes, but the experience will not be the same if you don’t do it passionately. 

4. After Sex Talks

Author Diana Gabaldon revealed that sex has always been a means of communication between Jamie and Claire. This elevated Outlander’s sex scenes on a higher pedestal compared to regular raunchy series. The first night Jamie and Claire went to bed, Jamie told Claire: “I didn’t realize you did it face-to-face. I thought you must do it the back way, like horses,” Claire laughed and we can’t help but smile and faint at his innocence. Their after-sex conversations change as the role of sex in their lives evolves. However, that particular scene will always be a reminder that it’s okay to be open and truly honest about our thoughts in bed.

Nothing is more satisfying than deep talks after sharing an intimate moment. If sex is a lavish banquet, post-coital talks should be the dessert. The whole experience will not be complete without it. This is the moment to communicate how you made each other feel in bed. Recount the blissful experience together, or talk about how you could make things even hotter next time. 

3. Early-morning Watermelon Sugar High

Let’s say you’ve managed to get the Outlander experience in bed successfully last night, but why stop there? 

One of the best sex scenes in Outlander happened at the beginning of Episode 10. We were met with sleeping but heavily breathing Claire. Soon we discovered that her gasps were caused by Jamie, whose ginger head was buried between her legs. Claire moaned in pleasure, as Jamie continues to attend to her lady bits with his mouth. At some point, there was knocking on the door, but Jamie didn’t stop pleasuring her feminine parts until she hits the peak of ecstasy. Whew! That was intense. Surprise your lover with the same intimacy by giving her some early-morning cunnilingus the very next day. A dose of Watermelon Sugar High before we face a stressful day ahead can make all the difference.

2. Be Open About Your Outlander Fantasies

Communication is the key to a successful relationship, and this includes satisfaction in bed. We all have our sexual fantasies, but most of the time, we are too shy to open up with our partners. We always assume that they are not up for some kinky stuff, and would rather wait until they speak first. But what if they are just waiting for you to open up first, too? You will both get stuck with boring vanilla sex without feeling satisfied for the rest of your lives. Since the sex scene from Outlander is mostly catered to the female gaze, there are plenty of women who wish that they could experience what Claire experienced, too. However, most men just wish their partners will simply tell them exactly what they want. Do you want to make love under the moonlight? How about some scented candles? Or do you want to bring the fun in the outdoors like the time when Jamie and Claire made love with their lush green clothes still on? Make sure to talk with your partners. If they are not for it, then find a way for your fantasies to meet halfway. 

1. Put On Some Alluring Lurora’s Outlander Inspired Lingerie And Nightwear

Get ready for the ultimate Outlander experience with our very own collection of Outlander inspired lingerie and nightwear. Made of high-quality satin materials–one of the most sensual and erotic fabrics in the world. It stimulates your senses, perfect for some passionate lovemaking. Imagine walking into a rustic room, the sound of the fire crackling in the fireplace as the candles flicker into the night. Lurora’s satin slip and short robe flows smoothly and sways in the gentle breeze of the cold evening air. Just, magnificent! We have satin PJ and Robe set for those who’d like to go “to sleep or to bed” Jamie style. And of course, the collection won’t be complete without some captivating lingerie set inspired by some of Claire’s most iconic Outlander costumes. 

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