10 Funniest My Hero Academia Scenes

My Hero Academia never runs short of funny moments. Check out some of the funniest scenes from the hit anime series.

One of the reasons people loved My Hero Academia (Boku no Hero Academia) is the effortlessly funny scenes. Based on a Japanese superhero manga series written and illustrated by Kōhei Horikoshi, My Hero Academia continues to be one of the most popular animes to date. It has a heap of followers and is considered one of the most commercially successful anime titles.

My Hero Academia is a shounen anime that follows the story of Izuku “Deku” Midoriya, a young boy born without superpowers (Quirks) in a world where it has become commonplace.

He gets a shot to become a superhero after All Might, Japan’s greatest hero, chooses him to be his successor, after seeing his potential. All Might shares his Quirk with him and helps him enroll in a prestigious high school for heroes in training.

While in this school, Deku and the rest of the training superheroes had plenty of goofy and epic fail moments. In this article, we have listed down some of the funniest moments in the anime series.

So sit back, and enjoy. Here are the ten funniest moments in My Hero Academia.

10. Hatsume Mei Uses Iida To Promote Her Invention

Hatsume Mei is one of the loved characters in the series and is not shown that much on screen. Mei is funny, passionate, and a member of Deku’s list of prospective ships. Fans began loving her when she used her variety of gadgets to coast her way into the battle section during the sports Festival Arc. Mei offered some of her gadgets to Iida during the battle.

Being trusting and good-natured, Iida agreed. Unbeknownst to him, Mei did not plan to fight at all. Instead, she used Iida to advertise her inventions. Mei used her time in the spotlight to brag about some of her best creations. Iida won, but he felt used. Cunning Mei.

My Hero Academia. Photo by: Studio Bones, Funimation
My Hero Academia. Photo by: Studio Bones, Funimation

9. Jiro Catches Mineta Peeping In The Girl’s Locker Room

Minoru Mineta was supposed to be among the comic characters from class 1-A, but fans don’t like him that much. He is one of those outdated archetype characters who often get laughed at for their perverted nature. Honestly, perverted characters are starting to bore audiences. But that is exactly what makes this scene so special. In this scene, Mineta tries to peak at the girl’s locker room. Unfortunately for him, Jiro notices his peephole and uses her headphone jack to poke Mineta in the eye. Now that’s what perverts deserve!

8. When Kota Punched Deku In The Groin

Fans saw Deku as a decent idealist who always needed protection. It’s always fun to see him outside of his refuge. One of the best examples of this was his first meeting with the spoiled brat Kota Izumi from the Forest Training Camp Arc. It was the beginning of their friendship.

When meeting the little kid, Deku tries to be friendly. However, Kota, at the time, wasn’t so kind to heroes. Deku only realized Kota’s behavior after Kota punched him in the groin.

My Hero Academia. Photo by: Studio Bones, Funimation
My Hero Academia. Photo by: Studio Bones, Funimation

7. Deku Cries After Getting Invited On A Cavalry Team

Deku didn’t have plenty of friends growing up, and he’s not good at hiding it. When he enrolled in U.A, a lot of people wanted to know him and be his friend. That is how Ochaco Uraraka and Deku’s friendship began. Ochaco was always by his side most of the time in the early story.

Still, Deku is an introverted kid who always presumes he does not deserve to have friends. Deku cried buckets of tears when he received an offer from Ochaco, Hatsume Mei, and Fumikage Tokoyami to team up for the Cavalry Battle.

6. Deku’s Face When Ochaco Squeezes His Heart

Sometimes, unexpected moments can overwhelm us and catch us off guard. That is how Deku felt when Ochaco surprisingly asked him to team up with her. Ochaco invited him in such a cheerful and cute manner, and Deku could not stop his emotions from showing.

Deku was so flustered. He felt like his heart was getting squeezed.

Unfortunately, his facial expressions are more embarrassing than cute. He wrinkled his face as if he had just eaten a sour lemon. Ochaco cannot help but say that his face “looks gross” while wondering what happened.

My Hero Academia. Photo by: Studio Bones, Funimation
My Hero Academia. Photo by: Studio Bones, Funimation

5. Flustered Ochaco Defeats Thirteen 

Deku has never been good at hiding his feelings for Uraraka. When the two became closer, Ochaco admired Deku more and more. Ochaco unexpectedly falls in love with Deku. That happened during the final exam.

Aoyama blatantly teased Ochaco for having a crush on Deku after he noticed Ochaco’s acts. The teasing led the two to pass the exam accidentally. Ochaco becomes so distracted that she lets herself get sucked into Thirteen’s vacuum, only to shift her focus at the last minute and defeat the instructor.

4. Mirio Phasing The Wall

What makes a great hero and a shonen character is making a great first impression on the audience. Mirio Togata, otherwise known as Lemillion, was one of the best debuts in the anime series. Before getting called as one of the series nonsensical “Big Three”. He decided to take a look at his younger peers in Class 1-A.

Mirio used his permeation power to peek at Deku, who was out to throw the trash. He lets just enough part of his face go through the wall, and scared the hell out of the young kid. Imagine seeing a face poking out of a brick wall! What a great debut!

My Hero Academia. Photo by: Studio Bones, Funimation
My Hero Academia. Photo by: Studio Bones, Funimation

3. Monoma Mocks The Class 1-A For Having Five Failed Students

Neito Monoma has a great potential to be a vicious and bully antagonist in the series. However, he is more popular these days as Class-1B’s running joke. Jealous Monoma and irritated by Class1-A’s attention within the public eye, he takes every chance he gets to mock them.

One example was when he found out Class 1-A had five kids who failed their mid-term battle exam. That allows him to laugh and mock them. Only one student from Class 1-B failed. Did you guess who that is? Yup, it’s him. Neito failed.

2. Bakugo Chooses His Hero Name

One of the funniest moments in the series was when Class 1-A took a break from everything to choose their hero names. Momo and Tsuyu choose kids names such as “Creatie” and “Froppy”. Mineta liked their decisions, while Aoyama selected an entirely different catchphrase.

Out of all of the names that the students picked, Bakugo’s name stood out. Bakugo followed a theme and chose monikers such as “King Explosion Murder” and “Baron of Explodo-Kills”. Unfortunately, both of which were not accepted.

My Hero Academia. Photo by: Studio Bones, Funimation

1. Deku’s Impression of All Might

If fans didn’t know better, many would say that Deku’s real peculiarity was when he shapeshifted his face to funny angles. Though Deku has come up with tons of funny faces before, this one is one of the most memorable and familiar ones. While everybody voted for the One for All, he asks Deku if he remembered what he said when he gifted the caprice.

In one of the cutest moments in the series, Deku carried out his best All Might impressions. He recalls the worst line from their training, “eat this”. It was supposed to be one of the most serious scenes, and his funny face ruined the whole vibe, making the audience laugh.

My Hero Academia. Photo by: Studio Bones, Funimation

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